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Pakistani Mountains - Ultimate Adventure Escapade for Middle East Residents!

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Calling all adventurous souls in the Middle East! Are you ready to explore a travel destination that has been flying under the radar for too long? Brace yourselves for the breathtaking mountains of Pakistan - a land of untamed beauty, majestic mountain ranges, pristine lakes, World’s highest green plains & deserts, and unforgettable hospitality. Get ready for an engaging and credible journey to the heart of the Karakoram, Himalayas, and Hindu Kush.

5 Reasons why Pakistani mountains should be at the top of your travel bucket list:

1. Majestic Karakoram & Himalayas - The Ultimate Adventure Playground:

Imagine standing in awe before the colossal peaks of the Karakoram & Himalayas - it's a sight that will leave you speechless! Pakistan boasts some of the world's most incredible mountain ranges, high-altitude deserts & World’s 2nd highest green plains, and most concentrated glaciers outside the polar regions. Adventurers and thrill-seekers will find their paradise here.

Whether you're a seasoned mountaineer or a novice traveler, the Pakistani mountains offer an array of thrilling activities like luxury sight-seeing, camping, hiking, rock climbing, and mountaineering. So, gear up and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure like never before!

2. Proximity - Adventure Awaits Just 4-hour Flight Away:

No more long-haul flights to far-off destinations! The Pakistani mountains are just a short four-hour flight away from Dubai to Skardu (the heart of Karakoram). Middle East residents can comfortably take a week-long break. You can bid farewell to the city hustle and bustle, and dive straight into the lap of Mother Nature in no time.

With direct flights to Pakistan from the Middle East, and connecting domestic flights to Skardu, you'll be immersed in the mountainous wonderland before you know it. The convenience of proximity adds an extra dose of excitement to your travel plans. This will definitely be the most scenic flight of your lifetime!

3. Affordable Luxury - Travel Without Breaking the Bank:

Who says luxury has to be expensive? Pakistan's mountains offer an array of affordable yet luxurious accommodations, ensuring you have a magical experience without breaking the bank. Picture yourself unwinding in cozy boutique lodges with panoramic mountain views or spending starry nights in comfortable campsites under the clear sky. And that's not all - the mouthwatering local cuisine is a treat for your taste buds, promising a delightful culinary journey without breaking the bank.

Two Middle East travelers can do it under 1,290 USD/person (Dubai to Dubai).

Tour Package (Luxury Accommodation +

Transport + Dubai return flight) = $ 999

Visa Application fee = $ 25

3 Meals * 7 days = $ 193

Entry tickets (parks, museum)= $ 20

Tips (optional) = $ 50

Shopping = *


Total Holiday Cost (Dubai to Dubai)=$ 1,287

It’s a cost of full luxury tour that includes everything: return international flights, all-inclusive luxury tours in Pakistan, all accommodation, all modes of transport, visa fees, domestic flights, all food, etc.

4. Food and Culture - A Heartwarming Home Away From Home:

Get ready to be embraced by the warm and welcoming culture of Pakistan. As fellow Muslims, the cultural similarities between Middle East residents and Pakistanis create an instant connection. From the moment you set foot in this vibrant land, you'll feel like you're among friends and family. And oh, the food! Prepare your taste buds for a sensational feast as you indulge in the aromatic spices and flavors of Pakistani cuisine, which bears a delightful

resemblance to Middle Eastern dishes.

5. Hospitality - Where Strangers Become Lifelong Friends:

In the mountains of Pakistan, hospitality is not just a word - it's a way of life. Be prepared to be blown away by the genuine warmth and kindness of the locals. As you journey through picturesque Northern valleys, you'll encounter heartfelt smiles and open arms, making you feel right at home.

Are you a solo female traveler thinking to travel to Northern Pakistan?

It’s totally safe for you to explore the valleys of Northern Pakistan by yourself. Gilgit-Baltistan people are very friendly and well-coming. Hunza and Khaplu (Skardu) have one of the lowest crime rates in the whole country. You can travel solo or in in small, like-minded group, both are totally cool. We recommend to travel in small groups (like 2-6 guests). This optimises the whole experience in terms of everything.

If you are traveling to Pakistan on your own, book a free consultation call with our well-connected lead guide in Pakistan to discuss your itinerary or questions.

Adventure Awaits - Take Action:

Tired of the desert heat? Adventure awaits just 4 hours away in the breathtaking mountains of Pakistan! It's time to step out of your comfort zone and embark on an epic journey to a destination that offers everything you've been dreaming of and more.

With its awe-inspiring landscapes, accessible travel, affordable luxury, cultural familiarity, and genuine hospitality, the Pakistani mountains will steal your heart and leave you with memories that last a lifetime. So, are you ready to unleash the adventurer within you?

Make it Happen:

'Karakoram Summer Adventure' is ultimate 7-days luxury adventure tour, especially designed for Middle East travellers. It takes you right into the heart of Karakoram (Skardu), World's 2nd highest plains, Cold Desert, Khaplu and Shigar valley.

Some of the adventures that you will experience: Luxury Glamping in World’s 2nd Highest Plains - The Land of Giants - Deosai Plains (4100 m), desert safari & Glamp in the Cold Desert - one of the world’s highest desert, scenic flight in the majestic Karakoram & Himalayan range, sleep beneath the sky full of gazillion stars. Spot the incredible wildlife in their natural habitat - Brown bear, marmots, and Ibex, and enjoy the culture & hospitality of Balti people

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