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Adventure is our thing.

If it's yours, let us take you on a journey of a lifetime.


You’re asking yourself what it means, right? Well, let us tell you. Even better, let us show you. MouhimJo means Adventurer in Urdu. Adventure is our thing, and if it’s yours then you are in the right place.

Upcoming Tours

Karakoram Mountain- K2

Karakoram Express Adventure
Skardu | Deosai | Himalayas

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On Demand

6 nights 7 days 

999$ or 785£

K-2 Basecamp | Karakoram | Skardu |  GondogoroLa (5600 m)

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On Demand

20 days 
Hard level (Non-technical)
 $ or 3153 £ 

Masrur Rock
Masrur Rock

Trekking in the Himalayas & Karakoram | Deosai | Skardu 

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On Demand

14 days 
Moderate-level trekking 

2899 $ or 2376 £

Badshahi mosque

Pakistan Adventure & Culture Circuit | Hunza | Fairy Meadows | Lahore

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On Demand

14 days

 $ or 2215 £ 

Some words from our lovely guests.

Christiana Wolf

Tech, Motorbikes & Car Racing
Boston, USA

Michelle Lampard

Founder REV Sisters
South Dakota, USA

TripAdvisor Reviews


Rose Brown
London, UK

"I had the pleasure of meeting Abdullah in Pakistan two years ago. His knowledge of the history of the country in all realms was extensive and greatly added to my ability to enjoy the stunning scenery and cultural wonderland around me. He has a thriving sense of adventure and there was never a dull moment in his company. I have found a great friend in Abdullah and am looking forward to seeing him succeed in this new role in the mountains he calls home.

Irfan Ansari

Doc Irfan Ansari
Texas, USA

"Abdullah is a very passionate and caring person and has all the qualities of a good guide. When you are away from everything in the wilderness you need a reliable and a trustworthy guide on your side. I met him in 2018 on our trip to K2 base camp and we went through some unexpected weather & challenges and he came through all the time. He is very knowledgeable and has an innate ability to make friends which is very much needed when working with locals. I wish him well and know with the grit that he has will do great.


Kyle Johnson
California, USA

“Abdullah is an amazing guide. I spent two weeks exploring Pakistan with him and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I’m a female solo traveler and Abdullah made me feel safe, fun, and most importantly adventurous! From trekking through absolutely breathtaking scenery to meeting the amazing people who live in Pakistan, Abdullah was knowledgeable about everything from culture to glaciers. I miss you Abdullah and can’t wait to come visit you in Pakistan again.

Masrur Rock

Why Pakistan?

Well, where do we start? What would you say if we invited you to one of the most genuinely untouched natural beauties on earth? (David Attenborough said so, and he knows his stuff!). This is your chance to experience true nature, untouched and real, with a connection that will stay with you forever. Trust us.

When was the last time you went somewhere and didn’t look at your phone, barely saw another soul, and truly saw nature in all its beauty? Oh, and all in a place with the most glaciers outside the polar region, 8000+ metre peaks, world’s highest plains & deserts, with the most hospitable people in the world. Like what you hear?

Our team has travelled these regions extensively and believe us, it is magical. Our passion is to take a like-minded group of adventurous travelers on this journey with us to experience this special place for yourself.

We beleive in quality, not quantity.

Guests will be part of a team of a small group of like-minded adventurers.That is why we created MouhimJo, and why we put our hearts into this. We believe that our core values and experience will allow us to create a truly unique and special trip for each of our guests.


We believe in setting our own course, rather than following the crowd. Rather than setting up a commercial business, we create unique, local and exclusive experiences.

Our local knowledge and experience mean we can bring extra value so you pay less, for more expertise. Unlike bigger commercial brands, we aim to give you the wilder, almost never before seen hiking and cultural tours in Pakistan.

Adventure is our thing. If it’s yours, let us take you on a journey of a lifetime. Join us in the mountains on one of the best hiking tours in Pakistan or be a part of our group in cities on our cultural and history tours.

Kutwal Lake

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