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Meet Our Tribe

Umair Abdullah

Founder and, Lead Guide, MouhimJo

Experience the passion and adventure with Umair Abdullah, the visionary founder of MouhimJo, your ultimate gateway to the enchanting mountains of Pakistan! With over a decade of exhilarating trekking expeditions in the Karakoram and Himalayas, Umair, fondly known as AB, is driven by an unwavering passion to share the awe-inspiring beauty of these peaks, which he lovingly refers to as 'mountain magic'.AB's journey began as a fighter pilot, but his deep connection with nature and the mountains led him to embark on a remarkable quest to introduce the world to the hidden treasures of Pakistan. With his vast experience and intimate knowledge of the region, AB is determined to make your adventure an unforgettable one.Imagine summiting the majestic Minglek Ser peak, venturing to the legendary K-2 basecamp and GondogoroLa, and conquering thrilling trails like Shimshal Pass and Rush Peak.


AB's infectious enthusiasm and unyielding spirit will ignite your own passion for exploration as you discover the breathtaking landscapes of Pakistan.Whether you are an experienced mountaineer seeking new heights or a first-time adventurer eager to embrace the unknown, AB and his dedicated team at MouhimJo will craft a personalized and unforgettable journey through the mesmerizing valleys of Pakistan. Let AB be your guide and immerse yourself in the magic of these extraordinary mountains. Get ready to embark on a transformative adventure that will leave you with lifelong memories and a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature.

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Lead Global Brand & Marketing


Becca J. Scales

Meet Becca, a London-based brand and marketing specialist with a serious passion for travel! She's explored over 60 countries and when she first visited Pakistan in 2019, she fell in love. It was AB's inspiring spirit that made the experience one of a kind, and they became lifelong friends under the stars. This time, she's back to support the Mouhimjo tribe and spread positive vibes to make sure guests have an equally special adventure. Fun fact: Becca has a serious love for all things chilli and eats them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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Introducing our tall, handsome, and hardcore guide from Chapursan in the Wakhan Corridor belt, hailing from a family of herders and guides for generations. With an unrivaled knowledge of the area, he's the perfect person to lead you on your trek. Fun fact: we think he's better looking than most Hollywood actors!


Guide & (ad-hoc cook)

Meet Fida, our amazing local guide from the beautiful village of Khaplu. Obsessed with mountains, he has 21 years of experience in hiking and climbing, and has conquered the highest 8000m peaks in Pakistan like G-1 and G-2. Did we mention he is also an ad-hoc cook? So be ready to taste some delicious local cuisine on your trek.

Asif Sadpara


Meet our energetic guide from the famous Sadpara village, where Pakistani climber Ali Sadpara hailed from. He started trekking in his teens with his famous guide father and has now crossed K-2 and Gondogoro La over 10 times. You can call him the "Karakoram Express"! He's done many other hikes around the valley, like K-6, K-7, Broad peak, G-1, G-2 basecamp, Thalay La, and more.

Ali Murtaza

Transporting & logistics

Ali Bulbul is Mouhimjo's transport specialist. Born and raised in Skardu City, Ali’s passion for driving big cars in big mountains is what (ahem) drives him. As a Sarafaranga 4*4 car driver, he's even a medal holder! With his expertise in hardcore legal mountain hunting, Ali knows the area like the back of his hand. He once drove for 50 hours straight on hard tea and snacks! Ali will ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes so that you can focus on enjoying your trekking adventure hassle free.

Amer Ali

Transporting & logistics

AKA Captain Khan, Amer is one of the circuits most legendary drivers. Originally a Kashmiri migrant from Skardu, Amer has a HUGE passion for big cars. He earned the name Captain for a reason - he is a naturally talented problem solver when it comes to transport and logistics so you will be in the safest hands possible. Super friendly and personable, our guests absolutely love him (just ask Becca)!. Fun fact: he is also a legal mountain hunter (but also loves a veggie too, if you’re lucky you might taste Mrs Khans infamous Bhindi!).



Meet our go-to porter from the beautiful village of Tesar near Skardu! With over 40 years of experience in portering for foreign expeditions, he's a pro at managing all the other porters. He's a reliable old friend who makes sure we have everything we need on our treks. You can count on him to carry your load with a smile!

Ghulam Muhammad


Meet Ghulam, the 8000+ metre high-porter who can cook up a storm! He's cooked for high-altitude climbers and even rescued one from Broad peak. He can whip up the most delicious meals in the most remote places on Earth. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

We are looking for a team of adventure lovers, curious explorers, and intrepid trekkers


We'd love to hear from you

We beleive in quality, not quantity.

Guests will be part of a team of a small group of like-minded adventurers.

That is why we created Mouhimjo, and why we put our hearts into this. We believe that our core values and experience will allow us to create a truly unique and special trip for each of our guests.

We believe in setting our own course, rather than following the crowd. Rather than setting up a commercial business model, we focus more on building relations on a personal level with each and every one of the members of our groups.

Our local knowledge and experience mean we can bring extra value so you pay less, for more expertise. Unlike bigger commercial brands, we aim to give you the wilder, almost never before seen treks.

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